History :

"M. R. Mutha today is one of the top construction management/ general contracting firms in Western Maharshtra Region. Businessman and freedom fighter Mohanlal Ramlal Mutha founded the company. Mohanlal Mutha started with working on basic B & C projects and later joined by son Jawahar Mutha, President, and who has played a vital role in the successful growth and diversification of the company. Today the company has experience of completing diverse range of projects, including new construction and renovation of commercial office, industrial, public assembly, sports, health care, educational, institutional, residential, retail, hospitality, mass transportation, Irrigation. These projects have been built for both public and private clients using various delivery methods. The company has got team of experienced, dedicated and efficient people working with a belief that business is about building relationships and practicing a responsiveness that goes beyond building a structure, guaranteeing continuous quality outcomes from generation to generation. Jawahar Mutha has steered the company since 1975 and has proudly managed more than 200 projects and presently employs more than 500-site labour at various project locations.

Markets :

M. R. Mutha companies expertise allows it to serve a broad spectrum of the market including commercial, education, health care, public and institutional sectors.

Expertise :

M. R. Mutha's strength is forged from strategic growth, diversification of business interests and an innovative spirit. Present resources and know-how assure that projects are solidly backed and 100 percent deliverable. M/s. M. R. Mutha's clients enjoy the distinct advantage of partnering with the company that launched the model of public-private project financing in the field of sports which is now embraced across the industry. M/s. M. R. Mutha's proven financing strategies and long-term relationships with well-respected financier's help developments come to fruition quickly and soundly to ultimately answer a need within a community. Identifying client needs, then answering those needs creatively, quickly and with tremendous value. That is the essence of M/s. M. R. Mutha's 30-year history of success. From deal inception to grand opening, we turn vision into reality.

Philosophy :

M. R. Mutha's construction management approach treats the planning, design and construction phases of a project as integrated tasks as opposed to separate and linear functions. Members of the project team work together from the commencement of design until completion of the project, with the common objective of advocating the best interests of the client. At the heart of M/s. M. R. Mutha business philosophy is the desire to serve communities. We consider it a privilege and honour to provide each project in the spirit of giving back, M/s. M. R. Mutha supports local nonprofit organizations and civic groups in our communities. We believe that business is about building relationships and practicing a responsiveness that goes beyond building a structure.

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“The engineer has been, and is, a maker of history” ~ James Kip Finch