Retail Projects -

  • The Art of Living Experience Boutique.

Description :- State of art interiors designed inhouse with our own Interior designers, this boutique caters to the fashion and lifestyle needs of the entire family.

  • Furniture Showroom at Navi Peth, Ahmednagar

M. R. City Mall at Wadia Park campus, Ahmednagar. Description :- Atrium Mall, with landscaped Atrium, Skylit Dome, Landscaped Terrace, International looks is set to bring a revolution in retaling in Ahmednagar City.

  • M. R. City Point at Wadia Park campus, Ahmednagar.

Description :- Prime location advantage, use of new materials for finish, Stylish interiors for lavish offices on first level is indeed the most sought after commercial space in town.

  • M. R. Trade Centre at Wadia Park, Ahmednagar.

Description :- This mall is very unique as it is located on outer periphery of the 40,000 seating capacity stadium. This trade centre is located in the heart of city, with ample parking and facing busy streets on either side. Shops are given dramatic hieght of 18-20 feet ideal for showrooms.